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Liaoning University 2020 “Chinese+Cross Border E-commerce” Undergraduate Program Enrollment Guidelines
2020-09-14 13:56  

Liaoning University “Chinese+Cross Border E-commerce” Undergraduate Program relies on the excellent teachers from Institute of International Education and School of International Economics and International Relations, integrates the core courses of Chinese language and international economy and trade, and it cooperates with China’s e-commerce to cultivate cross border e-commerce talents with first-class Chinese level, e-commerce literacy and rich practical experience.

1. Major and Degree            

This program is to recruit senior high school graduates and the study level is undergraduate. The major is international economy and trade or Chinese language and the duration is 4 years. The university grants the graduates Bachelor of Economics or Bachelor of Arts.

(1) “Two Certificates”: After passing the training, the graduation thesis and the practice, Liaoning University graduation certificate and bachelor’s degree certificate will be issued.

(2) “Two Degrees”: The students can select a degree accordingly. After being recognized as qualified by the Academic Degree Evaluation Committee of the University, Bachelor of Arts or Bachelor of Economics degree certificate will be issued.   

(3) “Two Languages”: This program teaches students both Chinese and English, and is committed to training international talents who are proficient in both Chinese and English.

2. Curriculum and Professional Practice            

(1) Chinese courses: These courses are taught by the teachers of Institute of International Education. The main courses include intensive reading (intermediate and advanced), spoken Chinese (intermediate and advanced), Chinese listening (intermediate), Chinese reading, Chinese writing, modern Chinese grammar, modern Chinese vocabulary, current affairs Chinese, China overview, etc.      

(2) English courses: These courses are taught by the teachers of Institute of International Education. The main courses include intensive English reading, oral English, English writing, etc.

(3) Basic courses of cross border e-commerce: These courses are taught by the teachers of School of International Economics and International Relations. The main courses include international economy and trade, finance, international commerce, basics of cross border e-commerce, marketing, advertising, network and new media, cross border e-commerce marketing practice, e-commerce comprehensive training, international politics, etc.              

(4) Selective courses: These courses are taught by the teachers of Institute of International Education, including Chinese calligraphy, Chinese drum, Taijiquan, paper cutting, tea ceremony and other Chinese culture courses.           

(5) Professional practice: It is taught by famous e-commerce companies in China to carry out professional practice and practical training.

3. Tuition and Practice Fees            

(1) Tuition: 18,000 RMB/year, 28,000 RMB/year (Two Degrees)

(2) Practice fees: 15,000 RMB/year

4. Notice for Applicants            

(1) Applicants should be non-Chinese citizens with valid passport, with good moral conduct, in good health, in friendly relation with China and observe Chinese laws, regulations and university’s rules and regulations.

(2) Applicants should reach the admission requirements, such as grades, academic level and language proficiency.

(3) Applicants for this program should have academic credentials equivalent to Chinese senior high school.

5. Ways of Teaching during Pandemic Period            

According to relevant requirements for prevention and control of COVID-19, Liaoning University temporarily implements online teaching and will adjust to offline teaching according to the development of the pandemic and prevention and control policy.

6. Time and Procedures of Application

(1) Deadline: The whole year

(2) Application Procedures:

A. Fill out the Application Form online: http://lnu.17gz.org/member/login.do

B. Upload Application Materials:

a. Provide Highest Graduation Certificate (Pre-graduation Certificate), transcript and translate them into Chinese.

b. Degree program applicants (bachelor, master and doctor degree) need to provide Highest Degree Certificate and Transcript Notarization Certificate from Chinese Embassy.

c. Provide the copy of passport (first page/ photo page) and 3 blank visa pages. If the applicant has entry and exit records, visa page and the page with exit seal shall be provided.

d. Study plan.

e. Two recommendation letters.

f. Language proficiency certificate.

g. Two-inch personal photo with blue or white background.

h. Provide financial proof (or bank certificate) that can guarantee one year tuition fee.

C. Wait for preliminary review result.

D. If the applicant passes the preliminary review, then pay for Application Fee: 800 RMB (Please confirm with your bank for service charge to avoid insufficient remittance).


Notes: For other issues that are not mentioned above, Institute of International Education has the right to explain.



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