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Liaoning University 2020 International Students Enrollment Guidelines


University Profiles


Liaoning University is a key comprehensive university in Liaoning Province, a national “Project 211” key university and a world-class university in discipline construction. Liaoning University started its international education from 1965. It is one of the earliest universities to carry out international education in China and a model university for studying in China in Liaoning Province.

Liaoning University has 27 schools, 1413 full-time teachers, including 320 professors, 534 associate professors, 204 doctoral supervisors, 72 specialists on special stipend under the State Council of the People’s Republic of China, 4 Yangtze Scholars as “Professor on special appointment”, 4 double-hired academicians, 4 experts who enjoy the National Special Support Plan for high-level Talents (ten thousand person program), 2 experts from the “one hundred person plan” of the Chinese Academy of Sciences, 12 experts from the New Century Outstanding Talents of the Ministry of Education, 9 experts from the climbing scholars in Liaoning Province, 21 distinguished professors of Liaoning province, 34 candidates for Liaoning Xingliao Talents Plan, 1 state-level teaching team, 10 Liaoning provincial teaching teams, 1 national outstanding teacher, 21 provincial outstanding teachers and 24 innovation teams of Liaoning provincial university level.

The university has literature, history, philosophy, economics, law, science, engineering, management, medical science, art and other disciplines; 72 undergraduate majors; 27 first-level discipline master degree authorization points and 25 professional master degree authorization points; 12 first-level discipline doctoral degree authorization points and 8 post-doctoral research stations. There are three national key disciplines of world economy, national economics and finance; Applied Economics has been selected as a world-class discipline; 9 undergraduate majors, including Economics, Finance, International Economics and Trade, Law, Chinese Language and Literature, Applied Chemistry, Business Administration, Marketing, and Human Resource Management, were selected into the list of national first-class undergraduate major construction sites; 6 first-level disciplines including Theoretical Economics, Applied Economics, Law, Business Administration, Marxist Theory and Statistics were selected into the list of first-class disciplines in Liaoning Province. National Economic Management, English, Biotechnology, Measuring and Controlling Technology and Instrument, and Environmental Engineering were selected as the construction sites of first-class undergraduate majors in Liaoning Province.

The university has set up the national basic economic talent training base, the training and research base for college counselors of the Ministry of Education, the key research base for humanities and social sciences of the Ministry of Education-Research Center for the Economics and Politics of Transitional Countries, and 4 national and regional research centers of the Ministry of Education. The University is a national cultural quality education base for college students and a national model university for innovation and entrepreneurship education reform. It has 2 national experimental teaching demonstration centers, 6 key research bases of humanities and social sciences in Liaoning Province, 5 provincial think-tanks, 10 provincial key laboratories, 5 provincial engineering technology research centers, 3 provincial engineering laboratories, 2 provincial engineering research centers, 1 collaborative innovation base for industrial clusters docking between colleges and universities in Liaoning Province, 3 collaborative innovation centers in Liaoning province, 11 provincial experimental teaching demonstration centers, 1 virtual simulation experiment teaching center of provincial level, 6 central and local universities jointly-built characteristic and advantageous subject laboratories, 14 provincial college students education off-campus practice base, 1 provincial innovation and entrepreneurship practice education base for college students, 1 provincial demonstration base for undergraduate entrepreneurship project incubation, and 1 student entrepreneurship project selection and breeding base.

The university has nearly 26,000 full-time students now, including 17,000 undergraduates, 7,300 postgraduates and 1,800 international students. The University has set up Confucius Institutes with Irkutsk State University in Russia, Vilnius University in Lithuania and Dakar University in Senegal. Since 1965, it has trained more than 10,000 international students from 128 countries for language and academic training. 

Liaoning University welcomes friends from all over the world for exchange, for further study and for higher degree.

Degree Program

1. Notes for Applicants:

(1) Applicants should be non-Chinese citizens with valid passport, with good moral conduct, in good health, in friendly relation with China and observe Chinese laws, regulations and university’s rules and regulations.

(2) Applicants should reach the admission requirements, such as grades, academic level and language proficiency.

(3) Language proficiency requirements:

Chinese-spoken Programs: HSK-4 180 (at least)

English-spoken Programs: IELTS 5 (at least) or TOEFL 60 (at least)

(4) Applicants for Bachelor: Academic credentials equivalent to Chinese senior high school.

(5) Applicants for Master: Academic credentials equivalent to bachelor degree, two recommendation letters from associate professors or professors, and a study plan of 1000 words.

(6) Applicants for PhD: Academic credentials equivalent to master degree, two recommendation letters from associate professors or professors, and a study plan of 1000 words.

2. Please refer to Appendix 1 for introductions to specific majors.


Non-degree Program

1. Notes for Applicants:

(1) The age should be between 18 and 65.

(2) Provide Highest Graduation Certificates and transcript and also the Chinese translation version.

2. Classification for non-degree program:

(1) Long-term Chinese study

(2) Short-term Chinese study


Application Procedures

1. Fill out the Application Form online: http://lnu.17gz.org/member/login.do

 2. Upload Application Materials:

(1) Provide Highest Graduation Certificate (Pre-graduation Certificate), transcript and translate them into Chinese.

(2) Degree program applicants (bachelor, master and doctor degree) need to provide Highest Degree Certificate and Transcript Notarization Certificate from Chinese Embassy.

(3) Provide the copy of passport (first page/ photo page) and 3 blank visa pages. If the applicant has entry and exit records, visa page and the page with exit seal shall be provided.

(4) Study plan.

(5) Two recommendation letters.

(6) Language proficiency certificate.

(7) Two-inch personal photo with blue or white background.

(8) Provide financial proof (or bank certificate) that can guarantee one year tuition fee.

3. Wait for preliminary review result.

4. If the applicant passes the preliminary review, then pay for Application Fee: 800 RMB (Please confirm with your bank for service charge to avoid insufficient remittance).

Application time:

The whole year of 2020 (Because of the global pandemic, please do the admission procedures first and enter the school after permission).

Details for fee (RMB):


Types of students




18,000 RMB/year


25,000 RMB/year


30,000 RMB/year


Long-term Chinese studyat least 3 months

13,000 RMB/year

Short-term Chinese study

4,000 RMB/month


800 RMB


About 250-550 RMB/year


800 RMB/yearinternational students must insure


Single room: 64 RMB/day; twin room: 32 RMB/day; triple room: 21 RMB/day


About 700 RMB/person/month in international student cafeteria

Physical exam

537 RMB/person (according to the standard of relevant department)


800 RMB/year (according to the standard carried out by entry and exit authority)

Note: the tuition fee for students of special majors shall be paid according to the introductions (see Appendix 1 for details).


Ways of Teaching during Pandemic Period            

According to relevant requirements for prevention and control of COVID-19, Liaoning University temporarily implements online teaching and will adjust to offline teaching according to the development of the pandemic and prevention and control policy.


Contact us:




AddressInstitute of International Education, Liaoning University, No.66 Chongshan Mid-Road, Huanggu District, Shenyang, Liaoning, P.R.China


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